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I am an expert computer programmer in Los Angeles. 
My specialties are:

  Design website using latest Microsoft technologies
  Design database using Microsoft Access and SQL Server, or convert MSAccess programs to SQL server database
  Computer programming using Microsoft Visual Basic.NET and C#
  Search Engine Optimization and Cost tracking (Web Analytics)
Feel free to look at some of my projects:
   Lending Universe - mortgage loan website where lenders can give you multiple offers.
   ResumeAction - distribute your resume
   KeyChange  Remap your keyboard any way you like it.
   DefineF  Define keyboard F keys as keystrokes, clicks, or Windows functions.
   RestReminder  remind yourself to rest 

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Feel free to contact me by e-mail:  at fmikan@intes.com .
Phone: 310-880-5865           
Postal mail: Intes LLC, 11901 Santa Monica Blvd #568, Los Angeles, CA 90025, USA

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